Shot Blasting

Shot blasting & floor preparation: Warehouse Striping is usually done by profiling the polished concrete surface to assure adhesion by in preparation in laying down the hard setting two part Epoxy. We also can remove existing lines with the same shot blasting process. Using shot blasting or diamond grinding, we can clean older floors of dirt, rubber, sealers, paint, mastics, epoxies and adhesives to prepare your concrete floor for applying lines, toppings and/or resealing. To ensure longevity of your floor markings, we profile the floor prior to striping to give the paint or epoxy lines better adhesion. If you simply have an old concrete floor that needs to be completely cleaned of years of grease dirt and abuse, we can clean and etch the floor in preparation, for epoxy striping or urethane sealers & other coatings.

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Berlin Packaging, Hayward, CA :: Surface Preparation :: 5" Shot Blasted Profile

Berlin Packaging, Hayward, CA :: Finished Epoxy & Sealer :: 4" Line


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